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Thoughts on Club Soccer

For years, parents have asked Kevin and I a similar question: what do you think about my child playing club soccer? Our answer has consistently been the same: if your child is paired with a "good coach", then the experience will likely be positive.

What are the characteristics of a "good coach"? In short, the coach will learn about and befriend your child, will challenge your child at his/her level, will expose your child to different positions and situations to broaden your child's view and understanding of the game, and will encourage an environment in which your child will have a great time playing soccer while improving technically, tactically, physically, and mentally.

Kevin and I were pleased to take on the challenge of coaching the Franklin Soccer Club's pilot team in 2014, and we are thrilled to see the club continue to grow in size and strength since then. We will continue to do our best to do all of the things that we want a "good coach" to do. We will share our love and passion for soccer to build a culture where players will strive for excellence in themselves and their teammates. We will continue to bring on staff members who share and deliver our philosophy.

We understand that parents have questions and are interested in answering questions and addressing concerns. An advantage of our involvement is that we are local and available to converse before tryouts, after tryouts, and through the year.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Kevin (508 364 1038) and I (508 528 1339) can be reached via telephone or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Rich Frongillo
written, May, 2014,
updated, May, 2016
updated, May, 2017


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